Sunday Lunch: Balsamic Glazed London Broil Steak, “Twice Baked” Potatoes and Pear, Feta Salad with Raspberry Dressing

 ImageToday it is just Joe and I for lunch. I wanted something a little fancy, yet didn’t break the bank. This took only 20 minutes to make and tasted phenomenal! I used pre-made products wherever possible and that helped with the timing immensely! Today I will list all the ingredients, then describe the process I prepared it in. This serves 4 people.


1 bacon-wrapped London Broil (from the butcher case, about 1 pound)

Balsamic salad dressing

Flat leaf parsley

Garlic salt

1 package Sour cream and chive potatoes prepared (from deli or dairy section)

Cheddar blend shredded cheese


1 package mixed greens salad

1 package feta cheese, crumbled

1 package craisin type cranberries

1 package chopped, candied nuts (either pecan or walnut)

1 pear


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Heat a non-stick frying pan on medium high. Drizzle the pan lightly with olive oil, no more than a tablespoon or so. As one cooking personality states, “A couple of turns around the pan.” Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of the London Broil and lightly brown both sides. Spray a glass pie pan with nonstick spray and lay the steak in it. In a small bowl, mix about 1/4 cup of chopped, fresh parsley with 1/4 cup of balsamic salad dressing and 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt. Pour over steak. Set it in the oven.

Lightly spray ramekins with non-stick spray. Add a single serving of the sour cream mashed potatoes to each ramekin. Set it in the oven. Set timer for 10 minutes.

(At this point, I had enough time to unload the dishwasher that had been started just before leaving for church).

Next, I pulled the salad ingredients out of the fridge and cupboard: spring lettuce, pear, dressing, feta, craisins and nuts. Then I gathered the bowls for the salad and made each salad individually.

Layer: lettuce, light sprinkle each of: nuts, craisins, feta. Thinly slice pear across the top and lightly drizzle a good raspberry dressing on top. (FYI: The bottled raspberry dressings I’ve tried are too vinegary. The one I purchased was in the lettuce section of the produce aisle. It’s a little more spendy, but I love the rich raspberry flavor of the fresh varieties and you don’t need much on each salad so it’ll last longer).

Once the timer goes off, turn the steak over and baste the meat with the drippings. Pull the potatoes out of the oven. Stir the potatoes, then put a dot of butter on top of each ramekin, then sprinkle cheese on top. Return to oven. Set the timer for another 10 minutes.

Set the table for lunch. Turn the oven off when the timer goes off and wait another 5 minutes before removing the food from the oven.

Now here I need to make a confession. I really didn’t think through the serving size of this steak. For goodness sake, it was a full pound! I took the photo for presentation with the whole thing on one plate. However, I divided it in half for each of us. The potatoes and the steak were enough for four people and I served it up as for two!

Plate up as follows: Serve a ramekin per person, cut the steak into FOUR pieces and plate next to the ramekin. Stir the glaze from the bottom of the pie plate and drizzle on top of each steak. Serve with the salad.

The cost of this fantastic, rich tasting meal was pretty inexpensive when you compare it to a restaurant meal (but tasted much better than at a restaurant).

Breakdown (approximately):

London Broil: $8.00

Potatoes: $3.00

Cheese: $2.00 (used about a 1/3 of a cup; figure about 50 cents worth)

MEAT AND POTATOES: $12.00 ($3.00 per person)

Lettuce: $3.00

Craisins: $2.00 (used only a little)

Nuts: $3.00 (used only a little)

Feta: $3.00 (used only a little)

Pear: $1.00 (used only 1/3 of it)

Salad dressing: $4.00 (used only a few tablespoons)

SALAD: $1.50-$2.00 estimated per person

TOTAL: $4.50-$5.00 per person


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